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Hi, my name is Bud and I am an artist. Thank you for dropping by to visit even though I am just getting started working on the website. 

I have wanted to put a site together for some time now, a place that would allow others to view my art, see my style, see if it something that appeals to them and perhaps contact me about creating a piece of art for their home or office. 

I have been creating art for, well, I guess for most of my life. Although I have only been at it as a profession for the past thirty years.

I used to do a more traditional style of art, but in 1993, I was invited to help out with a healing sweat for another person by a friend of mine. As I walked into Russ’s house, he looked up and said to me ” you are a prostitute” I looked at him and asked him what the hell does he mean by that. He then asked me if I paint my family stories on canvas and sell them for money? Yes, I replied, to which he said to me ” You are pimping out your family, you are prostituting the arts” After that my style changed, I started painting coastal images. Sometimes you might see a tipi or a village of tipis off in the distance or other symbols of my ancestry but they are symbolic, not personal.

I am an avid hiker and spend as much time outdoors as I possibly can, I get to see some incredible places, these are the inspiration to the art that I create. I own a site that is all about hiking, its and it is my pride and joy. It’s a website that my boys and I have been building for many years now. We have built this to share the incredible beauty that surrounds us here in my neck of the woods.  I do love to paint, I am very passionate about it.

So please take a walk around the site and see what you think, come back often as new stuff will be added on a daily basis.

Thank You for stopping by.



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