I was born in Chilliwack, BC in 1955 and moved to Campbell River on Vancouver Island in 1961. I have recently relocated to Sayward, BC ( 2016) where I now currently reside. I am part Cree, born of a Cree father and English mother. I am inspired by both my culture and my wife’s, she is from Bella Bella.  I find my art has overtures of both our cultures. Mostly though, I think It is simply a result of spending my life on the west coast.

Before becoming an artist, I had a varied career that included logging, fishing, trapping, working as a cowboy, mountain and river guide, silver culture and finally as a professional wildfire specialist. After a serious accident on a wildfire where I received a broken back, I returned to my boyhood passion for painting and rediscovered my love of creating art.

Since then I have received awards locally, regionally and nationally. I have earned awards for painting, writing, and photography. I was one of ten Canadian artists who were chosen to represent Canada at the 1994 Commonwealth games in Victoria.

I now create carved cedar paddles, paintings, drums, clothing, and other various forms of art. I also write four columns for the Compass Magazine and I am in the process of writing a biography called Prostituting The Arts.

I was involved with the dance troupe Box Of Treasures as the lead drummer and story narrator. I spent quite a few years as a role model in local schools where I would teach native art, dance, and history. Currently, I teach people about both edible and medicinal plants. I take people out for walks in the forest where we talk about the plants, their edibility, medicinal qualities and about the forest interactions in general. I am very passionate about this. I donate art and time to various organizations and foundations.

I have my own server and create websites for myself as well as others and host these sites on my server, another of my websites is gohiking.ca, its a site my boys and I have created to showcase the wonders of the Pacific Northwest. I have found that this works hand in hand with being an artist. It puts me outdoors on a regular basis.

For the past couple of years, I have been taking people out to hike the high country where we have a variety of adventures. We hike, cave, mountain climb and sometimes just do long wilderness road trips. It is enjoyable taking folks who have come from around the world to visit our little piece of paradise. The visitors get to see the real wilderness in a safe and fun way.

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