Art Works

A few of my paintings, paddles, and drums.

This painting depicts a moment in time during a three-day kayak trip where I was watching the sunrise behind a set of small islands.  The trees were so very bright, the water was a deep blue and I was very impressed. I knew it needed to be put down on canvas.  Dimensions: 24in x 36in.  Status: sold.

I was hiking along the northwest coast of Vancouver Island with my wife Georgina, we were sitting on a bluff watching the sunset behind some islands out at sea, it was beautiful. My wife said that it looked like one of my paintings, now it is one of my paintings.  Dimensions: 24in x 36in.  Status: sold.

The name of this painting is ” Ancestors” it is a self-portrait of how I view myself.  The native aspect of this painting is of my father who was a Cree man who presented me with an upbringing of all that I know about being native, he instilled in me a true sense of my ancestry. The blue eyes are a gift from my mother whom my father had met and married during his time in England during the second world war, she passed on to me a love for all things, she truly was a wonderful lady with a heart of gold.  Dimensions: 24in x 48in. Status: sold.

The name of this painting is ” Mehegan” this means wolf but there is much more to this image. In the Cree stories, we are known to be able to change into animals or skin walk as it was taught to me and this image shows the transition from man to wolf. Dimensions: 18in x 24in.   Status: sold.

“Old Ways” I love this painting, it depicts a dream I had about living in the days gone by.  Dimensions: 24in x 36in.  Status: Sold.

This is a four-foot powwow drum I had built, it is named “Forever”.  This was at a seven-day art show at the Pan Pacific Center in Vancouver, there were 1300 exhibitors, I was part of a group of seven native artists, we received gold for best display and silver for best art. Our dance troupe would dance throughout the day, (I was the lead drummer and story narrator of the troupe).  We all had a wonderful time.  Status: Sold

This is another powwow drum I had created, forty drummers could play this drum and it had a wonderful voice. Status: Sold.

This painting depicts the three sister islands, a wonderful place to kayak. Status: sold


The creator, status: sold

When I first started to create art, I worked in black and white, I am color blind and was afraid to try painting in color. This is a loon dancing on the water at takeoff. Status: sold.

I do like painting large canvases.

One year I held a contest at a local school, I had the students draw an image and in the end, the staff and I choose one to be reproduced on a drum for the school, this was the image chosen.

This is the drum we created for the school.



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